Splinters of Jade

The Dragonfly Mysteries pt 5

March 17, 2019

Where in our Magistrates find more in this sleepy little village then just Kappa.

Splinters of Jade is a Legend of the Five Rings actual play podcast exploring the spiritual aspect of the Emerald Empire. Releases every other Tuesday. Next episode release is tbd.

Splinters of Jade is holding a contest. How do you enter you ask? Well it is simple, write us a 5 star review on ITunes and send us an email at sojpodrpg@gmail.com letting us know you gave us a review when we get six reveiws, I, kuroko, will randomly choose a winner from these entrants and that person will get to voice a Yokai, kami, or onna in a future episode. Don’t worry about propper recording equipment we’ll fix it.


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